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Wedding Day Must Haves

May 05, 2016
By: The Clubhouse Topic: Weddings

With all the planning and decor you have in place for your wedding, it is easy for something to fall through the cracks. When creating your day-of-the-wedding checklist, be sure to not forget these few items.


Champagne Flutes. Often, the bride and groom are given special flutes for the toast. Make sure these symbolic and meaningful glasses are present for your reception.


Cake-Cutting Knife and Server. Your wedding venue often provides this special knife and server, however, if they don’t, you'll want to be sure to remember these.


Entree Indicator Cards. The last thing your caterer wants you to forget are your entree indicator cards. These let the service staff know which entree each of your guests will be having, as well as lets your guests know at which table they are seated.


Table Numbers. Whether using the numbers 1, 2 3 or having your tables marked by meaningful songs or places, be sure to remember these when packing the decor for your tables.


Seating Chart. Even if you decide to make placecards, indicating where your guests will be seated, you will want to have a larger seating chart so that it is clear where to go.


Guest Book. Whether a traditional guest book or unique version of a guest book, you will want to remember all your family and friends that attended your big day!


Card Box. You may have designed and decorated a gift table, but be sure to remember a container that can house your cards. Use something that locks in order to keep your cards and cash gifts safe.


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