What to tell your guests about your wedding day

Feb 12, 2016
Topic: Weddings

When the planning is underway and it is time to start inviting guests, it is important to tell them everything they’ll need to know to plan accordingly and have a good time. This doesn’t mean you have to give away all of the surprises you have for your guests; you should however, key them in on your wedding style, the formality and what to wear. With your colors or theme, save the dates are the first clue your guests have into your style. Your guests will of course need to know the specifics, such as wedding date, time, location and attire, but be sure to continue informing your guests of additional details as you get closer to your wedding date, to ensure they are not overwhelmed. A wedding website will keep your guests informed with extra details such as where to stay, how to get to your ceremony location and reception, restaurants and bars in the area and overnight accommodations. You can use your wedding website to display your colors and theme and give them a little insight into your wedding plans.

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