Tournament Golf Pace

Mar 09, 2016

Pace of play


When is golf too slow? Often is usually the common answer.


Here at Peacock Gap we are asking to make it your own personal responsibility to improve pace of play, enabling every player to enjoy our great golf course. A game of golf at Peacock Gap Golf Course should take approximately 4 1/2 hours or less. Below are a few tips from us to help us all reach that target:

  • Always be ready to play, agree on the 1st tee to play ready golf. 
  • Please leave bags and carts at the far side of the green so you are not back tracking after you sink that birdie putt.
  • Please try to get any refreshments or food to go to continue on pace rather than stopping at the turn.  
  • Play the appropriate set of tees for your ability and if you’re unsure where you should be teeing off from please feel free to ask any of our staff.
  • Your place on the golf course is just behind the group in front of you so please keep up when possible.
  • If you are being pushed by a faster group behind you, feel free to wait and invite them to play through.

No one enjoys being stuck behind a slow group and everyone is out here to have a good time so please do your best effort to follow the guidelines above and everyone can enjoy themselves on the golf course. 

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