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The Do's and Don'ts of Being the Perfect Wedding Guest

Aug 22, 2016
By: The Clubhouse Topic: Weddings


  1. Do RSVP! The bride and groom put a lot of thought and energy into selecting who attends their wedding. It makes the bride and groom scramble when additional people show up. It also costs more than they expected by having to pay for unknown guests.
  2. Do show up to the ceremony on time. Nothing is worse than waiting forever for a ceremony to begin. Not only that, but there is an end time that you have to keep in mind. When the ceremony is late, so are all the other events of the night.
  3. Do get up and dance. You’re at a wedding, so celebrate! Don’t be afraid to dance your socks off and encourage others to do the same!
  4. Do show your support for the bride and groom. Get up and hug them. Congratulate them. Offer advice! You were invited for a reason, so don’t be shy and be sure to wish them a happy future.
  5. Do remember to take your favor. The bride and groom have put thought and money into making sure you have a memorable keepsake of their day. Show some courtesy by remembering to take your favor home.


  1. Don’t take photos during the ceremony if the bride and groom say no photos during the ceremony. The bride and groom have spent a lot of money on their photographer, and the last thing they want are their guests interfering with photos. If they ask you not to take photos, it’s because they want you present in the moment and not disrupting the professional photographer they hired.
  2. Don’t bring a random plus one or assume you have a plus one. This is the most important day of the bride and groom's life. Don’t damper it by bringing a stranger, or better yet, don’t assume that you have a plus one.
  3. Don’t consume too much alcohol. There’s always one person who consumes way too much alcohol and makes a fool of themselves. Don’t be that person! It is never fun to be around someone who can’t handle their liquor.
  4. Don’t drag on in your toast. Short and sweet is key, especially if there are multiple guests speaking. Offer support for the bride and groom in a short toast, rather than diving into every story you have of them since the second grade.
  5. Don’t wear white. Simple as that. The bride only gets one day to wear white without anyone else stealing her sunshine. Don’t rain on her parade by wearing white on her day.

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