How to leave your guests in "Aw"

Oct 06, 2016
By: The Clubhouse Topic: Weddings

Peacock Gap Show Stoppers: What Our Brides and Grooms Have done to “Aw” Their Guests

Over the past year, we have seen some pretty incredible things that have made each wedding different and set apart from the others. With couples constantly looking to spice things up at their wedding, we wanted to share a few that worked for some our Peacock Gap couples.

  1. Drummers. What an entrance our June bride made when walking down the aisle after a group of Zaffe drummers paved her way. It had every guest on their feet, and they were sure to stay tuned into her ceremony after that incredible performance.
  2. Animals. It is not every day you see a handsome prince, or in this case, groom, riding in to meet his princess bride on a decorated white horse. However, we had the experience of greeting our April groom for his Baraat on this elegant, and show stopping creature.
  3. Lighting. Whether lighting up the room in florescent shades of purple, or spotlighting upon the bride and grooms entrance, lighting has kept guests attentive and involved from start to finish of the majority of weddings we’ve had this season.
  4. Lion Dancers. We’ve had brides and grooms that wanted to embrace their Chinese culture in a way that would have everybody’s attention. One of our couple had a group of lion dancers that led the way into their grand entrance, and what a grand entrance it was!
  5. Cigar bar. For those looking to bring a masculine touch to their wedding, or those who just simply love the idea of celebrating in style with handmade cigars, a cigar bar was a huge hit at our December 26th wedding!

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